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In addition to my poetry collection, Bad Red Shoes, please check out my poetry and short stories in:

Just Paper and Ink, a collection of short stories and poems by Writer’s Ink authors

Collage, a collection of short stories and poetry by the Franklinton Writers Group and the McConnell Arts Writers Group

The Poetic Bond V , VI and VII, anthologies of poetry including poets from across the globe  published by Willowdown Books

The Women Of Appalachia Project WOMEN SPEAK anthology presenting spoken word selections from women throughout Ohio, Kentucky & West Virginia

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Amazon reviews for Bad Red Shoes

*****Warm and insightful, March 27, 2015 ~ The poems are written by a very insightful person. It’s her perspective but one that so many of us share, the kind that brings a smile to your lips as you are reading because you can relate. I keep it on my nightstand. ~ Leslie Smith

****Love this book, November 13, 2014 ~ Love this book! It gave me insight into life; my own and just as importantly everyone else’s. After reading this, I felt connected to the human race. Betty opens up and shares her all in a manner that is accessible yet divine. ~ Stephanie Bridges

*****Wonderful, great read, November 6, 2013 ~ This was a touching collection of poems. Betty puts a lot of emotion into her poems. A good read. I could not put it down.  ~ Norma Denty

*****Bad Red Shoes, August 3, 2013 ~ Betty Bleen shows a great capacity and compassion about the human condition. I could easily relate to her book. I would definitely recommend it. ~ Peggy J. Edwards

*****A Good Read!, July 4, 2013 ~ Betty always has the perfect word, the perfect metaphor to pull you into her work and have you wanting more. Once you have read just one of the poems in her book, you will be compelled to follow her and see what else she has in store for you. You won’t be disappointed. ~ Milt

*****Great Poetry, November 23, 2011 ~ I finished this book Tuesday night but was to tired to get up and review it. This was a wonderful book of poems. Sensitive and with lots of meaning. The author has a way with words that is hard to describe.  ~ KYBunnies

*****Awesome Book, September 3, 2011 ~ This book is great, very well written. Great Job, I’ll recommend this to my friends and family. This is a must have for anyone that enjoys poetry !  ~ Lynda


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