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The Question Begging an Answer

October 30th, 2011 | Posted by bbleen in Classic Cars | Romance - (Comments Off on The Question Begging an Answer)

The words seemed to pop out of their own accord,

a surprise even to me, the one who asked them.

So much so that I instantly regretted the question,

afraid this time for sure I had over-stepped the

boundary of what is yours is ours.

Yet, I saw a smile curve the corner of your lips.

Could it be that you were actually pleased I had

slipped so easily into your classic car passion,

that I was so taken with your 1948 Dodge that I

would ask you to leave it to me in your will?

It wasn’t that it was especially unique, just one

of many classic cars, but something about it

struck a chord in my heart. Made me think of

bobby socks, poodle skirts, pony tails and young

love, of kisses under myriad stars.

More than anything it had style, from its hood to

its white wall tires.  It was a dingy blue-gray

hunk-a-hunk of love that seemingly begged to

be touched.  And I wanted to touch it, curve to

curve, let the aromatic leather titillate my senses.

I could envision us riding through the country-

side, my hair tied up by a silk scarf which would

be blowing ever so glamorously in the wind.

You would have on your black cowboy hat,

looking so chic, so debonair.

On hot summer nights we could lay our bodies

against its cool surface to gaze at the night sky.

Or cruise leisurely through the night, just to listen

to its hissing carbs, the crackling spark plug wires,

the beating of it’s metal heart.